by moeshop

Lesson 1 - MOE Live

03 May, 2022
Lesson 1 - MOE Live

Deploying your NFT PFP to go live, and face-tracking you. This is lesson 1 on setup your own model, and you able to use it for screen-recording or selfies purpose. 

This methods allows for 
- Screen recording on Discord / Streaming Services 

- Download Zip Folder from MoeShop (Containing Virtualised Folder + Image + Background) 
- Install Vtube Studio
- Run Vtuber Studio in Steem 

Getting started on home-page 

Step 1
- Click Profile Icon (Red-circled) 
- Next, Click Import Models

Step 2
- Drag your Virtualised Folder in first (Not including image + background)
- Next, Rename and add _vts behind 
- Wait for model to appear (if not refresh page by clicking gear settings and exit gear settings) 
- Next, Click auto-setup 

Step 3
- Click the Gear Icon (Settings) 
- Setup Camera Turn on 
- Configure your preferred settings 

Bonus Step A ( Toggle Manual Expression)

- Add in expression on expression editor 
- Press record and Use Hot Keys (for example press z )
- press z , to toggle your expression 

Bonus Step B (Add New Background) 
- Click the background (below profile icon)
- Import your background image into folder (no need add vts)